One of the hardest parts of having any kind of work done to your floors is figuring out exactly what to do with your furniture to keep it safe and out of the way. While this may not be as much of a hassle when you are just performing a thorough cleaning or even having a few tiles or a section replaced as you can just rearrange it off into a corner and out of the way, it is an entirely different story when you are having completely new flooring laid.


Hardwood and Furniture

What it mainly comes down to is how much money are you willing to spend on moving and storage, or how much effort are you willing to put into the process yourself? Some flooring companies will move the furniture for you, although it is not a standard service and will usually cost more money. If you prefer, you can pay an outside company to move it to a temporary storage location for you and then back again once the installation is finished, but this too will cost more money.

It also depends on whether this is a one-room or multi-room project. If it’s one room then you and a friend could probably get by with just shifting it to another room. If it’s a multi-room job, a garage or even a covered patio would work fine. Regardless of the scope of the job, all you really need to do is consider what would be the most convenient and least expensive way to deal with your furniture.